Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Optimizing Your Websites for Google Search Courses

Even Google has the webmaster guidelines, Google is still continuing to expand to lend more transparency to SEO(Search Engine Optimization), as in coming 18th,Adam Lasnik, Google's Search Evangelist, will be introducing a courses on "Optimizing Your Websites for Google Search" at Catholic University.

This 3 ours course need $30 only while include:

  • Understanding search engines and search engine results (25 minutes)
  • Building crawlable, indexable, and well-ranked sites (45 minutes)
  • Tools, tricks and troubleshooting (35 minutes)
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • Webspam --what it is, how to avoid it, how to report it, etc. (10 minutes)
  • Live site evaluations (45 minutes)
  • Questions & Answers (45 minutes)

Whether you are newfish or professional on SEO, if you can be participant, that's really worth the ticket:D

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