Monday, October 16, 2006

Live Expo Invitation for You

I have gotten the invitation email from Windows Live Expo Team and have 10 invitations to send now. While the invitations are open to China and United Kingdom, if you are, you're welcome to the invitations from me :)

This beta program is available only in China and United Kingdom, so please only invite friends in either of these countries. Your friends in the USA don't need an invitation to use Expo; we already officially released Expo to the public there. But they would be happy if you let them know about it! The web site is

What is Expo
This new product is a unique offering from Microsoft to answer the need of the social networking marketplaces phenomenon. We are taking the traditional classifieds service to the next level with our new 'ultimate social marketplace' in Windows Live with Windows Live Expo.
Expo is a dynamic social listing service that allows members to find and sell items, discover information, and meet other parties in their area - all for free! Expo enhances your ability to:

  1. Connect with those you trust - your messenger buddies and your coworkers.
  2. Locate items in your neighborhood or across the country.
  3. List easily, instantly, and for free.
Expo unifies a consumer's world by integrating Messenger, Spaces, Storage and more. In this way, we provide better value to both consumers as well as more relevant opportunities to advertisers.